GURITNO AUSTRALIA is based in northern Sydney. The small family company creates premium products featuring popular Guritno artwork. Guritno pieces are sold in fine souvenir and gift outlets throughout Australia and are collected across the world.

Guritno artwork reflects the colours and flavours of popular destinations, an appreciation for all creatures great and small, and a love for the inspiration of music. In its distinctive take on the natural and constructed worlds, Guritno artwork interweaves humour and a passion for life.

Guritno and his creative colleague, Rosalinda Corazon, developed their first range of GURITNO AUSTRALIA products from a Sydney garden studio. In February 2004, at a local trade fair, Rosalinda and Guritno launched these fine bone china and porcelain collectibles, beautifully gift boxed and featuring unique hand applied and kiln-fired Guritno artwork.

Today, the souvenir and gift ranges are widely appreciated and collected. Favourite motifs extend from the beautiful Billabong to quirky Catwalk Avenue, from a cheeky tree frog to classic music designs. As new artwork is created, the ranges are ever expanding, with international destinations on the horizon.

Colourful Guritno characters and images shine on fine white china. They are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe and are gift boxed to safely travel. Printed using a unique Australian process, Guritno artwork also features on shot glasses, again with unsurpassed quality for an enduring, beautifully vibrant finish.

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo requested several exclusive ranges of Guritno artwork, including a design to celebrate the birth of Taronga and Melbourne Zoos’ baby Asian elephants. Guritno has also created a range featuring the charming fairy penguins on parade at Victoria’s Phillip Island. A brilliant Sydney Opera House artwork is another cherished Guritno collectible.

Retailers and the general public are enchanted by the imaginative world of Guritno. We invite you, too, to enter our colourful world to delight in the wit and whimsy that is Guritno artwork.

Who We Are

The Artists

Agung Guritno was born in Bandung, Indonesia, ‘The Paris of Java’. His childhood was spent creating cartoons and drawings, and making toys and games, to entertain himself, his friends and his family. His whimsical imagination saw the humour and beauty in his vibrant surroundings, a talent that combined with his artistic skills to nurture the artist he has become today.

The early adult life of the artist was spent designing T-shirts and postcards, items he personally hand painted to sell to receptive tourists. He travelled to Europe to discover new horizons to illustrate, then returned to his homeland to work with a colleague from Australia, Rosalinda Corazon. The team wrote and photographed stories for magazines, about the rich and diverse culture of Java, before relocating to Australia to showcase Guritno artwork in lasting collectibles for people to appreciate and to cherish.

Guritno, now an Australian citizen, embraced the environment and culture of the colourful land downunder, no longer the neighbour of his homeland, but his home. Australia’s unique flora and fauna were ideal subjects for the versatile artist. An accomplished guitarist, Guritno also drew on his musical passions, developing popular artworks for the extensive Guritno music range and he enchants animal lovers with his evocative images not only of native animals, but of everyone’s favourite cats and dogs.

Today, Guritno applies his original artwork to a premium range of Guritno Australia products. From his Sydney studio, he conjures gorgeous visual stories on delightful pieces that are beloved and collected across the world.